President More Than Two Terms Us Essay Sample

President More Than Two Terms Us Essay Sample

.. I agree with most and why.
Presidential term limits of two terms in office came about after the record-setting administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), who voters elected to four terms in office. “The Twenty-second Amendment, which was passed in 1951, directly curtailed the power of the president by the establishment of presidential term limits” (Schroedel 8). The amendment was sponsored predominately …

… can serve in the House of Representatives or in the Senate.
Alternately, those who support term limits believe FDR broke the “sacred” bond of trust when he continued to run after his two terms in office, and that term limits are justified in ensuring one man does not attain too much power over the country and the Congress by his continued holding of office. As one proponent …

… is a learning curve whenever you begin a new job. Term limits give us a rookie every four to eight years, and I would rather have my country run by a veteran, rather than a rookie every few years. I also believe the people should be able to decide who serves them best, not a Constitutional Amendment.
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