Presidential Election 2004 Research Paper Essay Sample

Presidential Election 2004 Research Paper Essay Sample

… year or so and plunge ourselves into the heat of the next presidential election – one that holds the potential to be highly illuminative of the class structure of the United States and the direction that the two major parties – not to mention several of the third parties – may well take for the next several election cycles.
This paper is written from the perspective of Joyce Jeffrey, who …

… a campaign, with the Democrats (in this case) licking wounds and nurturing grievances from the primary fight and finding it hard to chart the new and necessary course into the general election.
This paper is constructed as a series of memos from Jeffrey to the state campaign heads and addresses what (if our time machine read-outs are accurate) will be the key issues in this race. …

… and a 2-year-old son, Jack (

A man of the people – squeaky clean, fighting mad, and proud of both facts.

Memo to the Troops: March 5, 2004
As you know, we are facing a difficult campaign ahead of us. Despite the fact that the economy is sliding further and further into recession, the numbers for George W. Bush look very …

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