Project Manager Flim Maker Essay Sample

Project Manager Flim Maker Essay Sample

… client for approval till final approval.
iii. Phase 3 – Designing of layout, including insertion of pictures and approval of graphics and logos. Send for approval.
iv. Phase 4 – Manual sent to the publisher for mass publication and distribute to the client.
There are three members to this project:
i. Project manager [John Smith] – responsible for client dealing; devising project layout; delegation and approval of activities; relay effective communication from the client to the team members and to troubleshoot and implement contingency plans should the team face bottlenecks.
ii. Instructional designer [Margaret Jones] – Responsible for gathering and organizing content.
iii. Production …

… delay the workflow to a maximum of 1 week and incur employee productivity cost. Furthermore, the client might not be able to produce the required material for the team to work on at the initial stage might hinder the workflow by approximately 2 -3 days. Aside from that the manager also anticipates problems in delay by the publisher due to backlog and abundance in publication scheduled. This would only incur cost in remittance from the client but not labor productivity as the team would have embarked on new projects.
d. Contingency Plans
To avoid the above from occurring, the manager …

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