Pros And Cons Of Animal Rights Essay Sample

Pros And Cons Of Animal Rights Essay Sample

… into the realm of reality. Now Congress is taking up the question of whether human cloning should be allowed. There are many pros and cons to this issue, but the benefits certainly outweigh the concerns regarding people’s feelings against cloning.
It is now believed that it might be easier …

… believed. According to research at Duke University (Gorman, 2001), people have a genetic quirk that might prevent some of the developmental deformities associated with animal cloning. The mechanics in making a clone involve scientists to first take an egg and remove all of its genetic material. Then the nucleus of …

… of animals by selective breeding. For example, livestock of superior quality could be cloned for farmers. Such livestock would yield higher quality meat, milk, and wool.
People could also clone animals that produce human proteins and other substances used in medical drugs. Another possibility for the use of cloning is …

… use of cloning or stem cell research, none of these dreams will be achieved. Yes, there are concerns about this issue. However, when the pros are weighed against the cons we can certainly understand that society cannot let this opportunity go by without further research.

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