Pros And Cons Of Heterosexual Marriages Essay Sample

Pros And Cons Of Heterosexual Marriages Essay Sample

When Should Marriages Break Up?

Marriages break up for many reasons in the American culture, including abuse, misunderstandings, extramarital affairs, and just plain unhappiness. (Everett, 1994) In the situation of an African American woman who has moved from her homeland of Nigeria to be with her husband and four children in the United States, the woman really must examine the circumstances in her marriage before she makes …

… years, makes good money, has bought a large house for their family, and does not cheat on her or abuse her. They also have four children together. This woman must weigh the pros and cons of a divorce, as her divorce will significantly affect six people.

The woman was raised in Nigeria in an “Ibo” culture. It must have been extremely difficult for her to adapt to …

… some effort to find ways to grow with her family that will keep the foundation she has already spent years building secure. This could lead to happiness.
Still, if she has tried this and is still faced with long-term unhappiness, from the standpoint of physical and emotional health, she may be better off single. She will affect her family in many ways by making this decision, …

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