Pros And Cons Of Max Weber Essay Sample

Pros And Cons Of Max Weber Essay Sample

… experts feel students with special needs should be mainstreamed into the general population in school. These students are encouraged to attend regular classes with the other students as much as possible in an effort to improve their education and social skills. It is interesting to look at the pros and cons associated with this concept.
There are many benefits of mainstreaming special needs students. Studies have shown these students learn better when they attend regular classes. The students are exposed to a more diverse environment and are able to interact with their peers. Modifications made in classrooms to accommodate …

… regular education personnel to teach special needs students ( Weber, 1998)” causing many of these students to be shortchanged in their education. Also, other students may suffer when lessons are delayed in an effort to accommodate the needs of the special needs students (Weber, 1998). Schools are facing a higher turnover rate among teachers who are stressed and overworked as they attempt to teach these two types of students simultaneously.
Though many fear the inclusion of special needs students in the classroom, it is actually a wonderful concept. Special needs students are not the only ones who benefit from interaction …

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