Pros Cons Medical Marijuana Essay Sample

Pros Cons Medical Marijuana Essay Sample

… relative to medical marijuana and noncriminal recommendations. A permanent injunction was issued on April 19, 1999 preventing the government from revoking a physician’s license for making a recommendation or examining the pros and cons of using medical marijuana. Plaintiffs seek an interpretation of the injunction and the limits of government action.
1. Does the Federal government have the authority to investigate a physician simply for …

… Physicians may be subject to intimidation and this could preclude them providing patient’s information that is “crucial” to their care and health. There is a great diversity in the opinion about whether marijuana actually has a medical purpose and being able to obtain accurate and “candid” information on the use of medical marijuana is of “vital importance.” The right to hear and obtain information is protected …

… in which a physician used his license to circumvent drug laws, In this case the physicians are not seeking to circumvent drug laws, but exercise free speech about the possible positive use of medical marijuana without the possibility of losing their DEA registrations. Further in Printz v. United States ,521 U.S. 898 (1997) the Supreme Court ruled that the Federal government did not have the mandate …

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