The Pros & Cons of Writing Freelance

The Pros & Cons of Writing Freelance

As with any major decision, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons of a freelance writing career before jumping right in. There may be some freelance writing perks that really appeal to you but until you compare them against the parts of the job that turn you off, it is difficult to make a viable decision regarding the pursuit of freelancing.

Many writers already considering freelancing writing work have an idea in mind of what they most look forward to or are looking to get out of becoming a freelance writer.


One of the biggest reasons writers look into freelancing is because it gives them the flexibility of being their own boss. Of course, writing clients typically call the shots in terms of details and deadlines. However, writing freelance gives an individual the choice of which jobs to take. A freelance writer gets to determine their own schedule, which jobs in freelance writing to accept, and how much they are willing to work.


There are plenty of careers out there where employees do the same thing, day in and day out. Just as there are plenty of people who seek out this type of consistent and regular work. Freelance writers, however, never have to feel like they are stuck in a rut. Freelance writing projects are so broad and varied that a writer could be working on something fascinating and interesting one week, and then something completely different the next. The variety of work is limitless keeping freelance writers mentally engaged.

No Limits

A freelance writer gets to determine their own limits when it comes to committing to new projects or making more money. The only limitation set upon a freelance writer is how much they can realistically get done. Some projects pay more than others and a freelance writer can choose to work as much, or as little, as they want. There are no glass ceilings or salary caps in this line of work. A freelance writer does not have to wait for someone to give them a raise, they can simply find more or better paying work on their own.

With every bonus of this line of work, there are some freelance writing setbacks to take into consideration. One or more of these freelancing cons could be a deal breaker for someone looking to get into the freelance writing industry.

More Than Just Freelancing

Writers looking to own their own freelancing business must understand that owning a business requires time and skill. In an ideal world, a freelancer could focus 100% of their time to the work that gets them paid. Unfortunately, owning a business means dividing your time and ensuring things like marketing, accounting, customer service, and other aspects of running a business are being handled. A successful freelance can afford to outsource this type of work but this may not be possible for someone who is just getting started as a freelancer.

Job Security

For people working a regular 9 to 5 job, the perks of job security, health benefits, and a regular paycheck are hard to resist. These are all things a freelancer must give up when they make the move to becoming an independent contractor. Plus, there will be times when a freelancer has less work and will need to plan for this slumps in business.

Personal Fortitude

Not just anyone has the strength and skills to make it on their own. Self discipline to ensure projects are getting completed and delivered on time is essential for a freelance writer. So is the ability to bounce back after a rejection and to have a thick skin when it comes to editing comments. The writing may be from the freelancer but the client has the final say in what the piece will end up becoming.

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