Psycho Media Essay Example

Psycho Media Essay Example

… objectively.
(3) Reduction of legitimacy to legality: or: the process the bureaucracy goes through to shift from interpersonal relationships and evaluations to objective legality within its actions.
(4) Centrality: the growth of impersonality and alienation within the bureaucracy.
(5) Reduction of culture to ideology: the impact of the mass media and cultural journalism on
the view of the bureaucracy.
(6) Genesis of objectivity in the social sciences: The fact that the social sciences often
create objectivity in bureaucracy that really may not exist.
(7) Communications: How the myth of objectivity is communicated at different levels (pg. 8-9).
These factors …

… ideology has lead to Affirmative Action and other government programs that facilitate and perpetuate the ideology that the American bureaucracy is fair and equitable to all citizens. This is in direct contrast to the reality that only a limited of number of individuals (those with the appropriate level of psycho-social assets and economic backing) have realistic access to the bureaucracy and can create redress for their problems. In fact, the objective reality is that legality is not nearly as important as appearance of proper ideology. Often only when the bureaucrats position or power is threatened is there going …

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