Psychological Differences Work Environm Essay Sample

Psychological Differences Work Environm Essay Sample

… motivation and behavior for each party to the contract, but when perceptions are different and expectations are different conflicts may arise which make it difficult for the individual and the organization, separately and as a unit, to meet their goals and objectives.
There is a reciprocal relationship to the psychological contract which exists between individuals and an organization. The individual offers contributions or work efforts of value to the organizations purpose. The organization values these contributions because they are necessary for the organization to meet its goals and objectives. For example, an organization producing automobiles would value the skills …

… There has long been perceptual differences between managers and subordinates in most organizations. At issue is the frequency with which recognition is allocated as a work reward. Managers receive this recognition on a regular basis and subordinates perceive recognition as being less available as a reward for their work efforts.
These differences can result from numerous different factors. Often they result because one party lacks full information on a situation. Subordinates ,for example, often find themselves following the recommendations of managers without fulling understanding the motivation and goals of management.An individual performing a task without understanding the need for …

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