Psychological Memory Essay Sample

Psychological Memory Essay Sample

… Conventional logic might dictate that historical time ought to be a linear construct. However, the ways in which human beings as historical and psychological individuals experience the historical and personal past is often quite different on an emotional level than it is in a concrete, physical sense. To illustrate this phenomenon, the historian Bernard Lewis creates a division between what he calls metrical and typological understandings of time. (From History: Remembered, Recovered, Invented, Princeton U. Press, 1975, pp.30-41)
When remembering things in our own lives, quite often time seems elongated in some periods and quite short in others. …

… of time because of this country’s relative youth. However, for an older nation where certain national and ethnic battles are still being waged, the occurrence of 500 years ago may still seem relevant, and seamlessly blend in a typological understanding of historical time into present-day conflicts. This memory of a time never personally experienced into one’s own personal experiences is evidenced in the Middle East, in the former nation of Yugoslavia, and in Northern Ireland, where adolescents remember battles fought from forty or even four hundred years ago as if they were part of current events. Although …

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