Psychologist Research Essay Sample

Psychologist Research Essay Sample

.. both, an IQ for and a passion to study human behavior as explained by psychology, earning a graduate as well as a master’s degree in social/personality or cognition and perception psychology has diaphanously emerged as the best possible option for me to pursue my career as a psychologist thereby securing my future and satisfying the insatiable thirst for knowledge that modifies attitudes.
My primary goal in life is to become a socially aware as well as intellectually enlightened person in order to contribute constructively towards the betterment of my country in particular and the world in general. Actively …

… of behavior and mental processes.
After visiting the campus, reading the information pamphlet and researching the university’s informative web site enthralled my soul to the deepest level and ignited a spark in me to be a part of the academia there. Moreover, exciting research developments apparent in the research news section, highly informative and most modern research based articles and currently hosted sites available at the university’s web site, reflect the university’s culture rich in research. Since, my field of study requires extensive and most advanced research as well as library facilities like those at Cornell offering …

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