The Purpose of Functional Resumes

The Purpose of Functional Resumes

When you write a resume, you usually list the various jobs that you have done in chronological order. Whether it is a human resource resume or the resume of an engineer, you start with the most recent job and go backwards with your first job appearing last. However some people prefer to write their resumes not in the sequence of their jobs but in terms of their various skills and experiences. Such resumes are called functional resumes.

This kind of resume has to be prepared with great care. Since your work experience is written in the order of skills instead of jobs, it may appear quite confusing to the prospective employer. He may look at a functional resume with suspicion thinking that you are trying to hide something. He may also feel that you are not focused in your career and that you are the proverbial rolling stone which gathers no moss.

What are the circumstances under which these resumes are used?

  • You may have worked in different fields throughout your career

    For instance, you may have worked as an engineer, as a customer service representative as well as a salesman. If you write your resume in chronological order it may look like you have a finger in too many pies. This would work to your disadvantage. Functional resumes, by listing your skills, present your diverse experiences where they will be seen as your strengths.

  • You may have taken a long career break

    It may be a long maternity leave or some family situation which required you to take a break. Now you are ready for work again but we all know that employers do not look favorably at gaps in a prospective employee’s career. To divert focus from the gap, an applicant prepares a functional resume.

  • Somebody who has just finished his education and has no job experience will find this kind of resume helpful

    He can list the skills and talents he exhibited while participating in various activities, voluntary work and summer projects.

  • After having worked in the same field for a long period of time, you may now want to shift fields for better prospects

    It then becomes necessary to write a functional resume where the spotlight will be not on your field of work but your skills.

How can you ensure that your functional resume is exceptional?

The internet abounds with resume templates, but a resume download is not the best solution. We would suggest that you get a professional resume written by our writers. We have professionals who have had a vast experience in recruiting and who know what employers expect from a resume. They will prepare a resume which will showcase your skills and abilities. Whether you have taken a break or want to shift careers, we can prepare a functional resume which will surely be shortlisted for interviews.

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