Race And Education Essay Sample

Race And Education Essay Sample

… private schools willing to teach in Spanish. Thus the parents were forced to accept attempts at the reculturaltion of their children if they were to be educated, and that education did not include literacy in their language of birth. Both methods — either discouraging education altogether or forced acculturation — were attempts at social control of a minority race and culture considered to be inferior to the dominant one (p. 79).

In 1898, The United States acquired Puerto Rico as a possession after defeating Spain in the War of 1898. While this war began with revolutionary activities in Cuba, Puerto Ricans were …

… a pawn from one imperialist nation to another. The goal of the Puerto Rican independence movement was for Puerto Rico to be its own free nation (p. 84).

There is one similarity among how Puerto Rican, Mexican American, and Native American students have been taught in the United States, and that is in the repeated attempts to replace their individual cultures with “mainstream” (White) culture, using education as the reculturation vehicle. It may have backfired by causing the parents of these children to emphasize their cultures of birth more at home. An example given is that of the author’s …

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