Race Higher Education And American Society Essay Sample

Race Higher Education And American Society Essay Sample

… minority groups of the African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, and Europeans, from nations worldwide. Though some people among these groups struggle against poverty, and some have successfully built their own living, these groups have basically played significant roles in building what the United States of America is today.

African …

… .7 percent of blacks in white-collar jobs, compared to 31.9 percent of the whites. Socially, the poverty level of the blacks is higher compared to the whites (blacks: 26%, whites: 9%). Poverty is one factor why African-Americans are more likely to be involved in crimes. They constitute …

… Hispanics are in white-collar jobs. Hispanics are more likely to work as laborers than the non-Hispanic whites.

The outlook on the African-American and Hispanic minority groups in the U.S. holds a bright future. The poverty rate of the blacks continuously decreases, while that of the Hispanics …

… their standings in the American society.

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