Racial Uplift Essay Sample

Racial Uplift Essay Sample

… and caring), Pan-African Nationalism (the relationship of African Americans to Africans worldwide), and a value system (positive humanistic values). These aspects represented a cultural foundation that promoted group solidarity and cohesion. This cultural foundation was viewed as important for African Americans. Woodson asserted that: “The program for the uplift of the Negro in this country must be based upon a scientific study of the Negro from within, to develop in him the power to do for himself what his oppressors will never do to elevate him to the level of others” (Woodson, 1933, p. 144).
The emergence of independent …

… . This collaborative spirit eliminates the historical practice of grouping people of a race all together and identifying each individual with regard to the stereotypes of the whole group. Efforts toward the promotion of a respect for diversity offer an opportunity to engage in a historical reckoning with one’s racial past and to imagine a different future.
This future could indeed be very exciting, if all concerned parties both set aside and respect each other’s differences. In-depth studies should be conducted within the shool system in order to effectively find ways to improve the entire system. Students, teachers …

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