Railroad Issues Essay Sample

Railroad Issues Essay Sample

… him further away from his China. She continues in this mood by adding that he died in his sleep, dispossessed, or having nothing.
The reader is left wondering if Song’s great-grandfather held the same opinion of America as she did. Surely something more than helping the lay railroad track lured him to the United States. But Song never touches on that–only that the notion of returning must “be in the blood.”
“Heaven” is evidence that Song carries an idealized view of China, a valuable insight to what descendents of immigrants must feel from time to time. It …

… disconcerting feeling of perhaps being misplaced by fate. However, Song ends the poem on a relatively positive note–the same way she begins it, with her son and something he says, another reference to heaven, which reinforces Song’s idealistic view of China. Overall, “Heaven” provides insight on the issues that might concern Americans with immigrant parents or grandparents.

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