Rainforest Essays

Rainforest Essays

Emma Goldmans “Anarchism and Other Essays

Reading Anarchism and other Essays opened my eyes to issues, which, I have been somewhat subconsciously aware of but had never really focused my attention on. Written in a lucid, yet practical style, Goldmans essays led me by the hand through the various aspects, the pros and cons, as well as the reason why of socially relevant issues such as anarchism, prostitution, the emancipation of women and minorities versus majorities. Goldmans analysis drew my attention and, as I read, I became so involved that I started formulating opinions.

The one that fired me up the most was about emancipation of women. I realized that emancipation did not just mean economic or social freedom real freedom was that of the mind and soul. While concepts such as social structure, parliamentary issues or politics had not drawn my attention much in the past, Goldmans work filled a lacunae in my understanding of subjects such as anarchism standing for the freedom of the individual, because of which society would probably always be faced with intelligent minorities questioning the authority of social constructs; and that most common perceptions of prostitution were rooted in …

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