Ralph Ellison S The Battle Royal Paper

Ralph Ellison S The Battle Royal Paper

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and compare the short stories, Ralph Ellisons ” Battle Royal,” and Flannery OConnors ” Revelation.” Specifically, it will look at the prejudices of some of the characters in both stories. One protagonist faces blind, hateful prejudice …

… ugly, and each story presents it as horribly as possible, to get that message across to the reader.
Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison is the first chapter of his legendary book “The Invisible Man.” This Prologue to the story introduces us to the protagonist, and …

… .
In conclusion, both authors are completely successful in promoting their view of the evilness of prejudice. Their characters convey the message effectively and explicitly.Ellisons protagonist is sympathetic and real, a young boy who is still na├»ve in the ways of the world. OConnors protagonist is …

… hopefully great things can take place. That is the mark of great writing, creating another time and place to take the reader away from the present. These two authors are masters of creating alternate spaces, and allowing the reader to crawl in and see the world through a different pair …

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