Randall Woodfield Essay Sample

Randall Woodfield Essay Sample

… allows for the existence of objects as individual and specific entities rather than a simple lumping together of primary qualities.
Abstract thought is what justifies and defines the categorization of for example apples as separate from gold by way of their essential qualities. Without such groupings of the qualities of an apple or cars or gold to define them in our minds Locke says we would be left with some unknown and accidental real essence. [Randall 1997, Locke 1974] ” So “real essence” turns out to be another name for whatever it is “existence” applies to (i.e., pure substance).[Randall 1997] If he does not admit to substance we would be left to a world that had no order or structure in our minds. Without the admission of a metaphysical angle the intellect must necessarily go around in never ending circles. Lockes dilemma was he had decided to explore the limits and nature of human knowledge according to only provable fact. Deciding how the world ultimately is Locke had left to God and the Angels. [Locke 1974, Randall 1997]


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2. Randall

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