Rap Changes Behavior Essay

Rap Changes Behavior Essay

An overview of the history and development of hip-hop music.

… example, they love to broadcast popular artists who get arrested. The media also seems to grasp every opportunity they can to promote rap artists who deals drugs. When a school shooting happens, it is the music they want to blame. All music have positive and negative influences, which is better explained in a psychological report.
For the handful of kids who did participate in school shootings, there are many more kids who listen to popular music that did not shoot up the schools. While I agree, that Hip-Hop and Rap music will give off a hi-energy feeling or emotion, the music is not responsible for anyones behavior. All music is very popular, because of the powerful inspiring emotions it can create. Many people will listen to very calm and mellow music before going to sleep. In dance studios, the proper music is chosen to fit the type of dance that is being taught. People who workout, run or rollerblade will take their music with them because of the motivation it provides while working out. Even educators are now using Hip-Hop and Rap music in the classroom with positive results. Kids are finding this a fun way to …

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