Why Should Rap Music Not Be Censored Essay Sample

Why Should Rap Music Not Be Censored Essay Sample

… time, the controversial music becomes accepted and new artists push through more limitations. Because of the dance craze, Hip-Hop and Rap music have became very popular. They both produce a very strong beat that is very easy to dance to. Hip-Hop or Rap music is accented with a heavy drumbeat, a handed down version of African rhythms, but the lyrics are composed of slang spoken …

… offended, to listen to. This type of music is really popular with club dancers, professional jazz and hip-hop dancers, and choreographers.
The accented drumbeats of Hip-Hop do inspire creativity. This is why Hip-Hop music has progressed over time. Professional cheerleaders and dancers (especially basketball cheerleaders), style of dancing and choreography has drastically changed because of Hip-Hop music. The entire technical dance moves such …

… negative influences, which is better explained in a psychological report.
For the handful of kids who did participate in school shootings, there are many more kids who listen to popular music that did not shoot up the schools. While I agree, that Hip-Hop and Rap music will give off a hi-energy feeling or emotion, the music is not responsible for anyones behavior. All music is …

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