Rap Vs Poetry Essay Example

Rap Vs Poetry Essay Example

… poems entitled Black, which was published in 1991. We Real Cool is a poem that depicts and discusses the life of young African-American men during the 1960s. The poem, although short and simple, depicts the lives of the African-Americans effectively through the use of different elements of poetry. This paper will analyze the poem and the elements used in it to create a better understanding of the meaning of Brooks in the poem, We Real Cool.
In conducting the analysis of the poem, the primary thesis that that will be used in this paper is that: We Real …

… comprehensible phrases as lines in the poem, Brooks illustrates literally the culture of language in African-American society. Further, rhyming is also used to make the poem catchy and interesting to the audience. Rhyming is also effective in complementing the tone of the poem, and one is reminded of rap music that African-Americans popularized, which is a mark of the true African-American culture. Lastly, alliteration is used to provide a literary effect in the poem, and examples of these include the following: Lurk late, Strike straight, Sing sin, and Jazz June. The elements of tone, rhyming, and alliteration …

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