The Ratio For Pursuing My Masters Program Essay

The Ratio For Pursuing My Masters Program Essay

In the wake of educational development in the nature of Integrative studies within the field of Counseling and Psychotherapy, undertaking a masters program is extremely important owing to the fact that the need for a robust academic and experimental basis for the development of the practice is becoming essential by the day. In my view, counseling and psychotherapy is intriguing because it helps develop self insightful practitioners, a student’s decisive thinking, analytical and appraisal skills are also developed and this enables a student to be innovative especially in counseling and psychotherapy practice. This field also ensures scholars develop growth and progress as individuals who by extension can handle work at increasing levels of complexity: in practice also, a student gets an ample environment for inter-professional and inter-disciplinary growth thus encouraging critical analysis in the practice.

My zeal has always been to strive for excellence and to demonstrate proficiency in my career; this explains why I feel that undertaking this program will enable me to: decisively evaluate selected hypothetical frameworks for the practice of integrative counseling and psychotherapy, systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the coordination and delivery of counseling and psychotherapy services especially when working in partnership with clients and other professionals, make the most of the skills of reflection and to develop valuable strategies to meet the particular needs of different clients and ultimately complete an exposition of research projects that display the appliance of knowledge, skills and values inherent in counseling and psychotherapy that contributes to the development of professional knowledge and practice.

Giving back to the society is one thing that gives me a great deal of fulfillment: this I realized when I worked with children and adults with disabilities and challenging behavior, I would help them by supporting their families and parents and for eight years, this has just been interesting and has changed my life in a great way. Having had a difficult childhood, I could perfectly relate with my clients by taking care of their emotional needs and welfare: I managed to help in providing support for the parents and even the families of my clients which was just fulfilling. Given a chance to undertake this program I believe will enable me gain knowledge and skills in present-day counseling and psychotherapy necessary to practice with clients at advanced and deeper levels, since my ambition is to have my own practice some day, according to me this will help more in my quest to add value to the society.

Being an institution that stands for excellence and strives for superiority, Roehampton University would just be the right institution for me: it has a lot of resources and amenities and the environment is just very ample. Research is very vital if one is to advance in counseling and psychotherapy and the University has the Research Centre for Therapeutic Education within the institution: this is an internationally recognized centre for research in counseling and psychotherapy. The University has a good reputation and has been offering training programs in Counseling and Psychotherapy for the last twenty years: the tutors in the various programs are knowledgeable practitioners and are very much skilled. Besides, the training methods and appraisal techniques are sound; the institution organizes seminars, workshops for a student to do a self evaluation; work is also done in groups and also at an individual level with supervision. Students are also required to do appraisals in order to demonstrate proficiency; this is done in anumber of ways: writing clinical case studies and special reports, giving presentations of their work and assessments using audio and video taping.

Roehampton University is high ranking in the country: the twenty years of teaching and practice experience is evident in the high number of admissions that are registered for these programs and this implies that the institution is not just ordinary. There is a chance for students, who want to be eligible to apply for personal practitioner certification with the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy; this programme would save a student from the lengthy bureaucratic process after school. The institution in my view will help me sustain my skills by gaining knowledge through advanced schooling which means having an exceptional opportunity to get a satisfying profession. There is a perfect blend of theoretical psychology (that involves working in groups to encourage healthier understanding) and the practical counseling as well as experiments and research that breaks monotony and ensures the students perfectly grasp the content of the study. The availability of lecturers who are counseling psychologists already in practice ensures students relate with people who have a direct interest in what themselves are studying and this means interaction of mutual interests.

I have an enormous interest in Psychology and would like to pursue a PhD in this field in line with going into private practice. Counseling and Psychotherapy are comparatively new fields and there is much to be explored both in theory and practice: this is my driving force because this field is much open for a lot of research and innovation is needed to strengthen the beliefs and the theories already developed, these are the hypotheses that steer the delivery of services and the practice itself. At this level, I believe I will have a great impact on my organization by doing cross-cultural counseling and also work at researching on the effects of class differences on the counseling and Psychotherapy process. As a psychologist and a counselor, I have strived to fulfill the requirements of continuing education as may be required by any pertinent credentialing organization and to maintain proficiency in my profession. This to me is very satisfying because then, I would be an asset to the society by being of much help to those in need of emotional health and well-being.

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