Rational Emotive Therapy History Essay Example

Rational Emotive Therapy History Essay Example

… has been an accepted treatment for a myriad of disorders and diseases for centuries.
The history of hypnosis is so ancient that there is little known about its first possible uses yet, through history and literature it is clear that It has been an integral part of spirituality and religion as well as medicine in nearly every recorded culture. Ancient Egyptians had the Temples of Sleep, and …

… Because anesthesia as we know it didnt exist at all until the mid-nineteenth century.
Though there is a clear connection between religion, spirituality and hypnosis, a connection that sometimes bristles modern rational scientists, it is also an effective treatment that shows demonstrative physical success. It is clear that the early use of hypnosis as a medical treatment is in part due to the lack of …

… facilitates ego strengthening in cases of character problems or maladaptive human relationships.

Yet, the resulting respect Hypnoanalysis garnered as an individually effective treatment soon led to its use independent of traditional long-term therapy. Though not always well received as a viable singular treatment and first questioned as a good long-term solution it was nonetheless embraced in many treatment environments and especially in those psychological treatment …

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