Reach Paper On Confidentiality Aca Essay Sample

Reach Paper On Confidentiality Aca Essay Sample

… me, through our interaction on the cheerleading team. There was also the consideration that “one of the basic tenets upon which the counseling relationship rests is that clients have a right to expect confidentiality…Counselors are also committed to promoting the autonomy and freedom of choice of their clients, Every child, regardless of age, has an ethical right to privacy…” (Remley & Herlihy).

The first ethical principle, facing …

… is treated as an exception, the issue remained that the non-offending parent may have the legal and ethical right to be informed about the child seeking professional help. Nancy Perry, Executive Director ACA observes “…To say that a student absolutely can’t see a counselor without permission…severely abridge their right to free speech…jeopardize their ability to report abuse and neglect….” In the same article, …

… the ACA Legal Issues Report suggests that there may be some consideration given by the court for what is called ‘mature minor’ status, when consent is an issue (Counseling Today Online, 1997).
To reach a decision as to whether I should go ahead and file the necessary reports, as mandated by law, I also considered the fact that the child may have approached me hoping that I …

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