A Report On The Notre Dame Cathedral Essay

A Report On The Notre Dame Cathedral Essay

… schools, vouchers create a way for extra policy and controls. The Alliance points out that a common control is to require voucher-redeeming schools to administer standardized tests. These tests, in effect, dictate the curriculum, as the private schools do not wish to have lower test scores than the public schools.
Dewey, the Alliance and others worry that rather than allow families the same options in education …

… rule are various programs that let sectarian institutions use public funds to meet some obvious secular need: few objects when a federal Pell grant allows a low-income college student to attend Notre Dame or Brigham Young, or when New York City subsidizes an Orthodox charity that provides kosher food to housebound elderly Jews.
School vouchers fall into precisely the same category. Yes, they may incidentally promote …

… teachers, and revamping its reading curriculum. In Florida, the schools whose poor records have made their students eligible for the states voucher program have begun to “fight back,” according to one newspaper report; they have introduced, among other things, after-school and Saturday tutoring, more classroom instruction in the basics, and home visits to parents in order to discourage truancy. Most impressive of all is the …

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