Ring Dance Matisse Essay Sample

Ring Dance Matisse Essay Sample

… sphere – into Cubism. Matisse is taking Cezanne’s interest in the wholeness and the clarity of figures … Picasso is understanding it as decomposition, and Matisse is understanding it as composition.”(Trachtman).
A similar divide reveals itself when comparing Picasso’s The Three Dancers (1925) with Matisse’s Nasturtiums with Dance II (1912). Trachtman says that “[b]oth distort the classic theme […] of Greek goddesses who dispense charm and beauty. Picasso’s painting, however, was utterly savage, while Matisse’s retained some sense of grace.” Budick expresses a similar viewpoint on these contrasting paintings when she says that:
Picasso’s merry …

… beastly frenzy exposing a mouth full of spiky teeth. Another lifts her arms as if she were being crucified, while sinister shadows hover in the background.

The Effect of War on the Artists
The reaction of these two men to wartime experiences reveals certain important aspects of their personalities. Matisse, true to form, was able to shut out the evil surrounding him and focus much more strongly on the beauty that still existed (although possibly hidden from view). But Picasso, having a different sensibility, could not as easily do this – he could not ignore the ugliness and threats which abounded …

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