Rise And Fall Empire Essay Sample

Rise And Fall Empire Essay Sample

… more than an icon.
Rome had a government that was always changing to meet the needs of its citizens. Early Rome was ruled by kings and then emperors. At its height, the Roman Empire stretched from the north of Britain to the Egyptian desert. But when Julius Caesar was killed, his adopted son Octavian took over as the first Emperor of Rome. This was part of Rome …

… a role in keeping the empire in tact for another hundred years.
But Rome was ripe for the taking in 476 and a revolt was led by the Visigoths, who sacked the city and plundered years of stored up riches. This was the beginning of the end for the Roman Empire. But Rome did not die easily; it took over 150 years for her demise. But the …

… was their political structure, their ideas about the administration of the legal system and finally, the beginnings of Christianity and the Catholic Church.

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