Rituals Of Adulthood In Different Cultures Essay

Rituals Of Adulthood In Different Cultures Essay

… people in many cultures. Specifically, it will discuss the political functions in human societies. Anthropologists have long noted that beliefs about the supernatural (and organizations, rituals, and behavior that derive from them) are central to the worldview of people in most cultures.
How people view the world around them is an integral part of society and culture. Many cultures have deep and abiding spiritual beliefs in …

rituals and much of their everyday behavior around these strong beliefs. For example, Native American culture is deeply rooted in the spiritual rituals which surround everyday actions in their lives, from coming into adulthood to growing crops and annual rainfall. Thus, many Native American rituals are incredibly important to their culture, and to their perceived welfare. Politically, until the Native American peoples were uprooted from their normal …

… society that was not theirs, they could no longer participate in their spiritual rituals and supernatural beliefs, and so, many Native Americans still have not acclimated to our white culture. Their worldview is different from ours, and they are still trying to adapt to a culture which was never theirs. This shows how the political and spiritual beliefs of one group can clash with another, and sometimes, …

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