Road Taken Comparison Essay Sample

Road Taken Comparison Essay Sample

… , 147 declined the request of being interviewed. Only 119 were successfully interviewed out of the 128 who agreed to participate. The remaining 9 were neither present at the appointed time of interview, nor could be interviewed later. Consequently, 43 percent of the children that underwent road traffic accidents were interviewed. All interviews were taken within 22 to 79 days after their accident, calculating to a mean of 40.3 days (std. dev. of 9.82 days).
Traumatic stress disorder
The occurrence of post-traumatic stress disorder (i.e., the ratio of children in the sample having post-traumatic stress …

… . dev. of 9.57 days).
By research, one out of every three children that undergo the everyday road traffic accidents was found to experience post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder is found in children of all ages, though boys are less probable to be affected in comparison to girls. The research also revealed that the presence of post-traumatic stress disorder was neither related to the severity of the physical injuries inflicted, nor the nature and type of accident encountered.
Significance of the Study & Recommendations
The research is very beneficial in ascertaining the factors that are responsible …

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