Robert Frost S Childhood Essay

Robert Frost S Childhood Essay

… home together, attending school functions, and critiquing each others poems (Robert Frost: the Early Years 125).
At their graduation in 1892, Elinor and Robert shared the honor of class valedictorian. After the ceremony, Frost proposed to Elinor. Because they were going to distant colleges, Elinor wanted the engagement to be kept a secret. Frost wanted to be married right away, but she argued that there would be …

… the death of Elliot. They contain description about the sadness he felt from losing a child (Parini 68).
In 1901, the Frosts moved to a farm in Derry, New Hampshire paid for by Roberts grandfather. The farm and its beautiful surroundings were the subject of many of Frosts poems in his two poetry books A Boys Will and North of Boston. Later in his …

… ghost house. He dwells, and still resides in a lonely house, his own of childhood, that vanished many years ago. What he can still identify, like most of us can identify from our childhood home, is the foundation, and the setting in which this house stood. The walls are gone, but sunlight, his favorable memories, still pour into the foundation. The fences are ruined, and the forested …

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