Robert Frosts Poem Mending Wall Essay Example

Robert Frosts Poem Mending Wall Essay Example

Mending Wall” By Robert Frost

The poemMending Wall” by the prominent American poet Robert Frost has often been viewed as one of his favorite pieces of verse. The basic context of this poem concerns the construction of a stone wall between two neighbors and their individual houses, yet with closer examination into the meaning behind “Mending Wall,” several scenarios can be found which …

… good neighbors” ( Kearns, 176).
The two neighbors in “Mending Wall” seem to be concerned with nothing more than territory, but in reality the argument is much more philosophical in nature, i.e. the wall serves as a boundary between divergent outlooks on life, such as clashes based on conservatism vs. liberalism, urbanism vs. agrarianism and religious dogma set against secular humanism. The context of “Mending Wall” suggest …

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