Robert Lee Frost Essay Sample

Robert Lee Frost Essay Sample

… so did the modern tradition. The prewar generation was largely founded in the poetry of Pound and Eliot, Frost and Doolittle, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, Conrad Aiken, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Lee Masters”. (Ruland, R., & Bradbury, M. ).
With the crash of October 1929 the whole remarkable episode abruptly disengaged, and the “Twenties” ended. However, what had emerged was a style that would convey an independent …

… next nine years William continued to squander away the family’s funds on whiskey, claiming that the alcohol eased his pain. He left his family penniless when he died in 1885 of tuberculosis (Robert Frost: the Early Years 45).
Even though Robert only knew his father for eleven years, he absorbed many of his traits. Like his father, Robert had a drive to make something of himself. …

… of Americas favorite poets. His poverty, tragedies, and illnesses could have hindered him, but instead he used these experiences as a basis for his poems. By using simple themes and structures, Robert Frost found his way into the hearts of average Americans, making him an important part of American literature.
Robert Frost The Poetry
A Boys Will – 1913
From the first lines in his early …

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