Robert Sandavols Muder Essay Sample

Robert Sandavols Muder Essay Sample

… Supreme Court Brief for Petitioner, State Farm Automobile Insurance Co.
On May 22, 1981, while driving on a Utah highway, Mr. Campbell attempted to pass a car driven by Robert Slusher. Mr. Campbell had already finished passing when another vehicle driven by Todd Ospital swerved and crashed into Mr. Slusher’s car. The estate of the deceased Mr. Ospital and Mr. Slusher, who was injured, brought claims and cross-claims against Mr. Campbell, and eventually agreed that they would sue Mr. Campbell together, and in the event that the verdict exceeded Mr. Campbell’s ability to pay them, to …

… Mr. Campbell’s own request to appeal the verdict for him and Mr. Campbell himself never claimed to be a victim of discrimination. State Farm settles hundreds of cases and its behavior in other states was irrelevant to determining whether its decision to take Mr. Campbell’s case to trial. If State Farm’s acts were determined to be wrong under federal law, which affects all of the states, perhaps they would be relevant.

2) The State Court Unconstitutionally Used Estimates of State Farm’s Out of State Wealth and Ignored the Principle of Proportionality in Granting the Plaintiff Punitive …

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