Robespierre S Speech Making Style Essay Example

Robespierre S Speech Making Style Essay Example

… are present in a condition effecting an ethical decision, it is removed from the political realm and ceases to be an ethical consideration. Each of these three principals are fundamental to ethical decision making and must be examined through the course of any ethical decision.
In employing utility, rights, or justice in an ethical decision overwhelming factors and incapacitating factors must be considered. For an ethical decision …

… good for the greatest number of people.
2. Criterion of Individual Rights- The behavior respects the rights of all affected parties; that is, it respects the basic human rights of free consent, free speech, freedom of conscience, privacy, and due process.
3. Criterion of Distributive Justice- The behavior respects the rules of justice; that is, it treats people equitably and fairly as opposed to arbitrarily .
There are …

… and the leadership style the others in this organization is not going to cerate a situation in which things are going to go well.
Susan is sued to a militaristic and totalitarian leadership style. This is what makes her want to just give orders about the particulate emissions. However, she cant do this. The organizational culture is not going to allow it. She is going to …

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