Robinson Crusoe About Religion Essay Sample

Robinson Crusoe About Religion Essay Sample

… interaction and are not necessarily the result of dishonest unthinking leadership. Not only do anointed consider themselves more politically enlightened, but also more morally correct which is the reason why they feel it is their right to impose their views on centuries old religious views and traditions.
Fredrick D. Robinson (1995) agrees with Thomas Sowell in his discussion on the book and rightly points out the problems with liberal way of thinking. He writes, “…for the anointed, an honest difference of opinion is unheard of. Rather, conservatives who disagree with them are thought to be morally suspect and are dismissed …

… religion. Where does the Constitution state that we must not associate Christmas with religion and that all religious traditions should be observed in a secular manner? The constitution doesn’t say anything of the sort but it is the anointed vision that has given a complete different description to religion and centuries old religious practices.
The reason why I am against liberals is for the same reason Sowell is. That is they close all doors of discussion and are absolutely unwilling to hear the view opposite to theirs. Similarly, they also do not want other unthinking souls to disagree with …

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