Rock Music S Influence On Society Essay Sample

Rock Music S Influence On Society Essay Sample

… only the sincerest form of flattery but the fastest route to financial success and peer envy. In addition, the skewed view presented that only the young have something of value to contribute to society has impacted the negative way in which today’s youth respond to their parents, their teachers, and other adult authority figures whom they regard as woefully prehistoric and out of touch.
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… immigrant youth. Not so positive, of course, are the traits of arrogance, selfishness and insensitivity to others that sometimes become part of the emulation message. The obsession of becoming an actor or a rock star has also served to blind our youth to the practicalities of getting a good education first and developing marketable job skills to fall back on.
In real life, work is a …

… loss of self-esteem and dissatisfaction with the very elements and relationships that once represented security and a robust identity. Healthy habits, of course, rate very little mention in music. Sleepless nights, drug abuse, driving under the influence, and unprotected sex are propounded as not only the “norm” but as the only way to get by and get through this high-pressure trauma called Life.
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