Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Essay Sample

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Essay Sample

… dog, husky, malamute, or German shepherd. Still, the wolf differs from them in build by being narrower, leaner, and more streamlined. In addition, in the north of its range throughout the world, the wolf usually grow larger, and has bushy, thicker fur and larger feet.
Most wolves are a spotted gray, with yellowish-brown legs and side. However, in the far north wolves are a soft white, sometimes with a light gray mane. In parts of Canada, Alaska, and the northern forty-eight states, some are pure black. Farther south, almost all wolves are tawny gray.
Scientist recognized two main …

… In fact, any real differences seem to be more related to the precise living conditions such as food type, climate and geographic area. Physically, too, the races are similar. Only a real expert measuring many skulls can distinguish among most races. Sub specific names, like Mackenzie Valley wolf, northern Rocky Mountain wolf, Great Plains wolf, or eastern timber wolf, are more descriptors of where a given wolf come from than any real differences among the animals.
Wolves do vary from coyotes, although the two can interbreed. Coyotes generally are a quarter to a half the size of wolves, and they …

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