Rohmer My Night At Maud S Discussions Essay Sample

Rohmer My Night At Maud S Discussions Essay Sample

… Tom Stoppard’s play Jumpers has been described thus: “The Radical Liberal Party has made the ex-Minister of Agriculture Archbishop of Canterbury, British astronauts are scrapping with each other on the moon, and spritely academics steal about London by night indulging in murderous gymnastics: this is the kind of manic, futuristic, topsy-turvy world in which Stoppard’s dazzling new play is set. And if I add that the influences apparently include Wittgenstein, Magritte, the Goons, Robert Dhery, Joe Orton, and The Avengers, you will have some idea of the heady brew Stoppard has concocted. The protagonists include an …

… on stage to parallel the mental acrobatics used by the academics he parodies, when they are wrestling with the problems of moral philosophy. In Jumpers, Stoppard holds the belief that it is possible to sustain an entertaining show whilst involving his audience in an intellectual discussion.
However, presenting intellectual discussions within such an entertaining show often bemuses the audience, and it has been argued that, in Jumpers, this confuses the issue under discussion for many audience members: the acrobatics get in the way of the understanding of the issues he is trying to put across (although this, it could be …

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