Role Of Education In Porphyria S Lover Essay Example

Role Of Education In Porphyria S Lover Essay Example

… because James McBrides story was influenced and defined by the perpetual presence of a white person in his life, his mother. In other words James mother Ruth McBride played an extremely important role in the way her children perceived racism and related problems.
While white people have always been severely criticized for their mistreatment of other races, this book gives us a different image of whites. …

… but Mommy simply ignored him. I remember two black women pointing at us, saying, Look at that white bitch, and a white man screaming at Mommy somewhere in Manhattan, calling her a nigger lover.

Ruth experienced all kinds of racial and religious discrimination and prejudice in her life but refused to succumb to these negative forces. She never regretted her decision to marry two black men and …

… her children from its negative impact. But she was also well aware of the fact that fighting wouldn’t make the problem go away and thus decided to arm her children with quality education as that was the only way they could become better than the opportunities available to them. Color of water is thus appropriately subtitled A Black Mans Tribute to His White Mother for …

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