Rolling Thunder In Vietnam War Essay Sample

Rolling Thunder In Vietnam War Essay Sample

… The Vietnam War: Its History and Harmful Effects
The Vietnam War is considered as one of America’s failure to promote its containment policy in Southeast Asia during the latter 1950s until 1970s. The Vietnam War is a military conflict between South and North Vietnam during the period of 1959-1975, wherein the US had actively participated and supported South Vietnam against the North Vietnamese, who are considered supporters of Communism.
Communism plays a big part for the escalation of and participation of US in the Vietnam War. America’s Containment Policy in Southeast Asian nations was implemented right after …

… term s president of the US, wherein the Korean War is marked as the first step the US took in implementing the said policy. Furthermore, during Eisenhower’s time, the Geneva Accords was signed by USSR, China, France, and the US and the Asian countries of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam guaranteeing the safe withdrawal of French troops in Vietnam and other nations it colonized. It also pushed forward for a united Vietnam nation, which have been factionalized because of the division that occurred during an uprising against French colonization among Vietnamese forces. However, the Geneva Accords was violated by South …

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