Roman Imperial Institutions Essay Sample

Roman Imperial Institutions Essay Sample

The call of this essay is to compare and contrast the intersections and relationships between governing institutions and religious beliefs in three societies. The three specific societies that will be examined in this essay are Egypt, Rome and Byzantium.

I. Religion in the Three Societies

During the years of Rome’s reign, the Roman Empire was the largest and most powerful empire the world had ever known. The Pax Romana – which translates in English to “the Roman peace” lasted for centuries.
Religion was an important part of Roman …

… aggression, was the basis of Byzantium’s long existence. One commentator says of the Byzantine empire, “Emperor Justinian, whose reign lasted from 527-565, was perhaps the most prominent figure of his time. Justinian reconquered the western countries of Italy, North Africa and southern Spain, and in 555, codified Roman law in Corpus Juris Civilis. By 600, Byzantium was the wealthiest, most powerful and civilized city in Europe.”
In the Roman empire, politics was dominated by Senatorial politics – and in particular, the small class of Senators and their noble families. This class was split into two factions, the “Optimatus” (right …

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