Romanesque And Gothic Times Essay

Romanesque And Gothic Times Essay

… had its own set of rules and laws and the leaders at church, the bishops and archbishops, had important roles in the King’s council. The churches at first were Romanesque with rounded arches and later Gothic with pointed arches. The number of church, monasteries and parish churches left behind by this age is a reminder of how important religion was to people in the Middle Age. …

… instruments was necessary in church services. Many musical instruments such as bells, organs and organistrum were found in the church. The topics of dramas were taken from the Old Testament (e.g. Noah and Flood).
Another important aspect of Middle Age was the feudalism. For the purposes of security and safety people would form small communities, which had their own castles and the churches. The king awarded …

… famines killing thousands of people and deserting villages and towns.
With the recovery from famines things began changing. Philosophers and scholars began to challenge old beliefs and ideas. This was end of medieval times and the beginning of Renaissance. …

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