Romeo And Juliet Essay Accusing Fate Essay Sample

Romeo And Juliet Essay Accusing Fate Essay Sample

… . In spite of these enhancements, there are still some flaws in the education system across the country. Issues like inadequate teaching staff, inappropriate curriculum flow and a growing disconnect between commonly stated school goals and the actual school experience are just a few examples. Theodore Sizer wrote in his essay, “What High School Is,” an opinion piece mentioning in particular the shortcomings in the secondary school system experience. Sizer’s essay begins with a detailed description, updated to the very minute, of a day in the life of a high school student named Mark. The typical day is structured and …

… severely flawed nonetheless. American students would benefit from a few minor changes in the structured high school routine.
Sizer’s depiction of Mark’s English class is a telling scene of the growing level of inadequacy in the performance of high school faculty members. The class is reading “Romeo and Juliet” aloud and students are taking turns reading while the teacher occasionally interjects to ask if the passages are “clear.” This is a prime example of how opportunities to get high school students to think and participate in dialogues are often ignored. A great Shakespearean play is being read and …

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