A Rose For Psychosis Essay

A Rose For Psychosis Essay

… and Alexies book discuss complex and compelling issues facing Native Americans today. Rose sees “tourists” who come to the reservations for a time and try to become “Indian.” She says in “For the White Poets Who Would Be Indian,” “You think of us only/ when your voices/ want for roots,/ when you have sat back/ on your heels and/ become/ primitive” (Rose). Alexie says the same thing later in his novel – white people suddenly envy the Indians, and to the Indians, it is laughable. “White people want to be Indians. You all have things we don’t have. You …

… the Native Americans had to give up their beliefs, and their religion for the white mans religion, in the name of “modernity” and “Christianity.” The numerous Native American tribes each had a complex religious system, made up of folk tales, and a wide variety of gods and goddesses. Roses poetry continues this theme with the illusions to Native customs and how the whites try to emulate them in “White Poets.” “With words/ you paint your faces,/ chew your doeskin,/ touch breast to tree/ as if sharing a mother/ were all it takes” (Rose).
Alexies book speaks of …

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