Rousseau S Social Contract Pity Essay Example

Rousseau S Social Contract Pity Essay Example

… Even Plato saw the advantages and problems of applying philosophical ideas to the political spectrum. And Plato immediately recognized the philosophical seed, which after many regurgitations and refashionings, would one day become socialcontract¬†theory.
For Plato, the realization was on a very simplistic level. In his Glaucon dialogue he points to two interesting facts. People wish to be treated justly by others, but at the same …

… freedom. And since under social contract theory a person must sacrifice certain freedoms; taxation could be considered nothing more than a sacrificed freedom.
However, this would be taking a very basic view of social contract theory and sidestep many ideas Rousseau obviously holds dearly. Although Rousseau does not believe that true democracy can ever be achieved, he does give weight to the idea that the will of …

… one person to another without the receiver becoming dependent on another individual.
This is not to say that he would find every aspect of the United States system of taxation to his liking. Rousseaus fears of private interest effecting public institutions have obviously come true in the United States. Because the rich can use their wealth to influence the institution of taxation, they are able to …

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