Rudyard Kipling Compare And Contrast Writings Essay Sample

Rudyard Kipling Compare And Contrast Writings Essay Sample

Compare/Contrast Essay on Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner
Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner are the two great American writers of the twentieth century. This essay examines the parallels and differences in their remarkable lives and work by looking at their biography, the themes in their work and their respective achievements through a subject-by-subject organization.
Like his heroes, Hemingway lived a life filled with …

… wrote novels and short stories. However, Hemingway also wrote nonfiction. Death in the Afternoon, for example, is an ode to his fascination with bullfighting. Hemingways terse style of simple sentences, accurate dialogue and exact descriptions an offshoot of his journalistic writing remain widely imitated (Kramer)
Through his writing, Hemingway earned the highest honors bestowed on writers. In 1952, he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for The …

… Mississippi. His marriage to Estelle Oldham Franklin lasted until his death in 1962 of a heart attack (Bloom, William Faulkner: 11).
Unlike Hemingway, whose settings spanned Europe, Africa and the Americas, Faulkners writings are deeply rooted in the traditions of the South. Faulkners famous creation of Yoknapatawpha County, setting of the Snopes trilogy, was drawn largely from Oxford. The themes of violence and abnormality in …

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