Rulfo S Pedro Paramo Summary And Themes Essay

Rulfo S Pedro Paramo Summary And Themes Essay

… the overall context of Porters literary life and travels.
Secondary Sources: Journals
Cohn, Deborah. “Paradise Lost and Regained: The Old Order and Memory in Katherine Anne Porters Stories and Juan Rulfos Pedro Páramo,” Hispanofila 124 (Sept. 1998): 65-86.
This article draws parallels between the Southern and Mexican experiences of social upheaval as depicted in the authors fiction. This article is an …

… Porter, calling them both dreamers of the Southern mold. It stresses the importance of travel and the exotic in Porters Flowering Judas among her other works, and its relationship to these same themes in Capotes works.

Warren, Robert Penn. Irony with a Center: Katherine Anne Porter. Reprinted in Selected Essays of Robert Penn Warren. New York: Random House, 1969.
This is a discussion of literary …

… tropes in the authors work. It suggests that irony is a central motif in all of her work. However, the irony is never simply cleverness, but always has a larger purpose, politically and socially.

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