Russian Expansionism Essay Sample

Russian Expansionism Essay Sample

… , overthrew the Russian government in October 1917, leader Vladimir Lenin withdrew Russia from the war. In 1918, in an effort to restore the collapsed Eastern Front against Germany, the United States, Britain, France and Japan intervened militarily in Russia. Lenin, however, interpreted this as an assault on the new Russian regime. And the truth is that the United States and its allies did “resent Russia’s new leadership, with its appeals against capitalism and its efforts to weld local Communist parties into an international revolutionary movement.” Although, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, a federal union of Russia …

… not go broke in doing this.” In Eisenhower’s view, economic expansion was more favorable to political expansion, believing that when all was said and done, “war was caused by an economy dependent upon a military industrial complex” and deterrence was the cheapest and best possible defense against Communist expansionism. Not only would this allow for limited troop numbers and military bureaucracy, but covert ops and military coups would “protect economic interests rather than political interests as well a campaign of propaganda.” However, the bureaucracy that formed around deterrence created an even larger military industrial complex. Together the ideology of …

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